Formula Renault 3.5 test at Motorland Aragon, Spain

I thought I’d post a round-up from the World Series by Renault: Formula Renault 3.5 test at Motorland Aragon, North Spain I attended last week.

I was invited by the Arden Caterham team to join them in Aragon for day one of the three-day test. I had never driven anything as powerful as the FR 3.5 car, but I found that I got to grips with it surprisingly quickly, especially once I got my head around the extra downforce.

The conditions on Monday morning were very cold and windy, and my time was pretty average as we were on old tyres. But on a new set in the afternoon we had a huge improvement, posting a time good enough for P5 at the time and P8 at the end of the day.

The afternoon saw me post a 1:40.5, but unfortunately I had to leave the test early (due to an important commitment on Thursday morning, otherwise there’s no way I would have left!) and dropped down the order slightly as conditions improved and everyone’s times came down.

However, I am still really happy with my performance on the day – I was faster than a lot of established and experienced drivers, as well as being second fastest of the younger drivers from 2.0. In the end I finished P8 on the collective times time sheet of 27 drivers.

For a short while my times were taken off the board as the officials thought I was underweight, but the scales were incorrectly calibrated and so thankfully, we got them reinstated!

Overall it was a fantastic experience and I would like to thank the boys at the Arden team, Renault for the invite, and of course Mum and Dad for the opportunity to get even closer to Formula 1!