Q&A: 2014 Pre Season Preparations

You have returned from your only Eurocup Formula Renault 2.0 pre-season test of the year, once again driving with Fortec Motorsports. How did it go in Jerez last week?

Jack: Yes, it was my only test and I feel that it went very well, considering I haven’t been in the car since December. It’s good to be back with my team and to know that the first race is only a few weeks away – I cannot wait to get the season started!
The car is almost exactly the same as the one I drove last year. There have been a few updates including a new tyre from Michelin and new brakes from PFC, so we’ve spent a lot of time getting on top of those and it’s going pretty well so far.

Considering the limited amount of track time you’ve had, your outing with the 2014 Eurocup field in Jerez saw your times consistently improving, even in the wet!

Jack: Yes, not having driven for nearly four months I was very happy that it took so little time to get back into things. I was pretty much on the pace in the dry and not too far away in the wet. We definitely still have some ground to make up as it’s a very competitive field, but hopefully by the time we get to Motorland we’ll be even closer to where we want to be.

The Eurocup looks as though it shall be a very competitive grid again this year. From the wild card rounds you participated in last year what do you think your biggest challenge will be in this next step up in your career?

Jack: I think that one of the hardest things will be keeping things consistent, as last year I didn’t have too much trouble running in the top 10 in the wild card rounds, so the pace is there. It will be more difficult to finish well in races consistently over the year. I’m looking forward to the challenge though; it’ll be a very competitive year.

You are managing both the coming racing season and your ‘A’ Levels. How is school?

Jack: Very busy for the moment. I’ve just finished the bulk of my coursework and exams are starting to loom, so combining this with racing is a bit of a nightmare! But overall things are still going well; my grades are good enough so my headmaster allows me time off school to race. It will get worse in the coming months, but after June I can concentrate on racing full time.

The first round of the 2014 Eurocup championship will be at Motorland Aragon, Spain from 25 April. It is a track you are familiar with, but how are you preparing? 

Jack: I ran my World Series test there back in November, so I am familiar with it, and I’ve also been doing a lot of work in simulators, as well as working with the team. I unfortunately missed the pre-season test there, but I’m happy that I will be able to get up to speed pretty quickly at round one. I am also doing the important things like nutrition, fitness and sim work, you can never be too prepared for racing.

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